About Us

1. Knowing Us

Case Consultant Solutions Ltd is a family run independent business; our primary focus is to provide the highest level of customer service to our clients and ensure that their expectations are always exceeded. This commitment to achieving excellence is made possible because of the hard work, dedication and commitment our team displays on a daily basis.

2. Understanding Our Clients

Being landlords ourselves we understand how frustrating the system can be, especially when your tenant/s are in rent arrears and you are left with no choice but to serve them notice to pay or inevitably evicting them. This can also be a costly expense to the landlord. Case Consultant Solutions Ltd, are here to give you FREE consultation and offer you a quote tailored to your needs with no obligation. So, what have you got to lose? Contact us now and let us help you, gain back possession of your property and collect any owed monies you are rightfully due.

3. Always Moving Forward

Our small team are a valued asset and we invest heavily in their training and ongoing career development. The fundamental principles that drive our business are transparency, knowledge, sincerity and a desire to be one of the most respected eviction specialists across the country.